Organisation  Description
 Zenergy Unlimited  

Zenergy Unlimited is our sister company based in Europe. Zenergy Unlimited work with the same technology and deliver courses in facilitation based on the work of Dale Hunter et al. Zenergy Unlimited are committed to contributing to the development of collective intelligence throughout Europe.

 The Zone

We transform businesses by creating game-changing cultures. Our purpose is to awaken heart, spirit and purpose in people and the planet. We work with individuals, teams and organisations.We partner with our customers on shared objectives to deliver radical business results.We work by invitation and operate on trust. We transform through a combination of workshops, tools, models, stories and processes that engage, inspire and align your entire organisation. We've been in business since 1999 and our approach is highly personal.

Alchemy Learning

 Founder of Alchemy Living and Learning facilitators of profound change in people, organisations and communities. I believe that if we are true to our selves, play nicely with others, don't take life too seriously and take care of the earth we can create a wise and beautiful and harmonious life .

Cabal Founded by artist and facilitator, Caroline Robinson, in Aotearoa New Zealand, the motivation for CABAL has grown out of a frustration at seeing (industrialist) mechanistic management systems employed for social, cultural and ecological outcomes in built environment projects. Our linear, reductive methodologies are limited at best, and at their worst, are holding us back.

CABAL is about co-evolving processes that offer us all fresh ways of seeing, ways of thinking, ways of working, of designing, of building and of celebrating together.
Brand Ecology  

At Brand Ecology we use our deep insights into human nature to help you and your brand reach its full potential. The pursuit of full potential starts with an open and healthy mindset. In fact this is where we encourage you to start your journey with us – coaching in the healthy state of mind principles.


We specialize in helping workplaces effectively address; Workplace bullying, Harassment, Conflict at work and Dysfunctional workplace cultures.

 4th Way

 4thway is a specialist consultancy owned and operated primarily by John Dawson. He works with several colleagues who specialise in providing business and management consulting, including facilitation, coaching and mediation services.

 Susie Spiller Susie is a globally certified CNVC trainer; master facilitator of the Virtues Project and loves working with teams to identify ways of thinking that encourage co-operation. Her other training includes qualifications in group facilitation, conflict resolution, holistic health and yoga.
 Bill Berrett  Longtime mentor for Dale Hunter and Zenergy.