Master Class

Zenergy Global programmes are based on research in the area of co-operative technology explored and discussed in the books written by Dale Hunter et al.

The Master Class is an event for experienced group facilitators, and focuses on developing leading edge skills in facilitation. Specific aspects of facilitation chosen by the class participants, are studied in-depth towards attaining mastery. Dr. Dale Hunter and/or highly experienced senior programme leaders work alongside each participant coaching them as they facilitate the group. Dale has led more than 30 Master Classes with facilitators working in many countries around the world.

Each participant works with their own self identified 'leading edge' with coaching from the programme leader and the assistance of the group, to take their facilitation skills to the next level.

Aspects of facilitation chosen by participants may include:

Expanded group consciousness
Presence and presencing
Theory U dialogue 
Appreciative Inquiry
Collective intelligence
Facilitated storytelling
Creative expression
drawing, painting and movement
Self Organising Networks and Groups (SONG's)
Generating social change towards a sustainable world
Working with energy
Working with conflict
Analysis of group process
Designing organisational interventions 
Blended realities - f2f and online 
Designing powerful follow-up
Project, process and workshop design
Evaluation and assessment

The work of the Master Class takes place within an environment of powerful presence and collective inquiry. Knowledge is generated within a context of a specific purpose or intent which allows for mastery to be accessed directly from the unknown.

This co-created new knowledge then immediately informs each participating facilitator's work and is also integrated into the other modules of the Diploma of Facilitation. In this way the work of Zenergy is constantly in development as participative action research.

Two Master Classes are required modules towards the completion of the Zenergy Diploma in Facilitation.

Comments from participants

"It's been one of the most exciting, challenging, transformational journeys I've ever been on."

Greg Menendez (BrandEcology)

"What I found valuable was the honouring and respect; the deeper unspoken work of a facilitator; being challenged respectfully and the aroha."

Gena Moses 

"What I found valuable was the energy of the group and access to the expanded consciousness; commitment of individuals; diversity of culture and expression; music, dance, play; speed, velocity, rhythm."

Hadyn Olsen (

"What I found valuable was the diversity of the participants...the space that was made available to explore the learnings."

Helen Dawn 

"Being able to cement my leading edge and to live in it and know that I can claim and own the greatness of me."

Patricia Dyer