About Zenergy

Tena koe. Haere tahi tatou me enei roopu.

Welcome to everyone working in groups and teams.

Welcome to Zenergy

We invoke the spirit of cooperation through the ages — past, present and future.

We welcome into existence the word ‘co-operacy’, a new distinction which brings forth government through cooperation.

We acknowledge Aotearoa for nurturing us, and the waters of Pacific and Tasman for connecting us to the world.

We acknowledge our families, communities, networks and all the groups that have ‘grown’ us. 

We acknowledge our company, Zenergy, which is dedicated to creating synergy and generating collective intelligence on the planet.

He aha te mea nui o te ao

Maku e ki atu

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

Ask me what is the most important thing in the world

And I will tell you

It is people, it is people, it is people.

At Zenergy we want to make a contribution to new ways of being conscious humans and through developing theoretical and practical frameworks, methods, processes and techniques which can be a resource for others exploring the possibilities of a whole-person, co-operative, peer partnership-approach to living and working. We call this "co-operacy". 

Our intention is to discover, live and share our Zenergy vision of:

"Whole people co-operating in a sustainable world"

To help you connect and align with this vision, below is an explanation to some of its parts. However we all relate and own it in our own ways. These words on a page, can never capture the true meaning or what the living spirit of this is like. It is something to be shared and experienced.

Whole people

Our experience is that true learning takes place in the whole body, when the two knowledges of head (what we understand) and belly (what we experience) flow together and are integrated in our heart. As whole people, we are people who can "speak from the heart" and have both the thought and experience to back it up.

A gentle play on the word cooperate. We wish to operate by cooperating. We understand that it is not possible to do everything on your own and instead of choosing an autocratic or a democratic approach, we choose a cooperative one.

Sustainable world
Climate change, consumerism, righteous wars and the resources for sustaining life becoming scarce, have called us to action. We want to live in a world that sustains and empowers life. We know training and facilitating can lead to better cooperation, and this taps into resources that are hardly used in groups, the resources of synergy and collective intelligence. These can be accessed through powerful group facilitation.

So once again, welcome. Come and cooperate with us. Come and train with us, so that you can pass this essential and ancient knowledge of "how to cooperate" onto the generations to come.

Our people